We would like to introduce this new exciting program called After School Taekwondo. This program is designed to accommodate children who need a constructive and disciplined activity after school. The children will be transported to the Martial Arts studio.
Unlike other after school programs, at After School Taekwondo, children learn Martial Arts, receive help with home work, have a chance to learn basic foreign language skills and play games in a disciplined environment until parents arrive.

Not only is the program convenient for the parents, but your child is learning self defense, is taught to be respectable, increase self confidence, and have fun! We have excellent black belt instructors, a large facility and a well organized program. Grand Master WooSop is a 7th Dan Kukkiwon certified black belt as well as a 30 year educator at a local school district with a master’s degree in educational administration.

More about Grand Master WooSop


Class days options
1. Monday, Wednesday classes
2. Tuesday, Thursday classes
3. Monday, Wednesday
4. Any Three days
5. Any Four days

**If you choose two day per week, you must choose Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday classes.


Monday - Thursday Schedule

Students transported to TKD school

Taekwondo lessons
Self- defense lessons

Home work, games and other lessons

5:00pm - 5:30pm
Pick up by parents


Children may not attend AST when afflicted with a contagious or infectious illness.

All prescriptions and over-the counter medications must be given to and AST staff person, if the medication is to be administered. It is preferable for you to adjust administration time so that your child will take their medications at home. children are not to keep medications, such as cough drops, vitamins, or tylenol in book bags or lunch boxes.

Woosop’s Taekwondo staff will treat minor injuries, such as scratches, scrape, insect bite, etc. if necessary. Any serious injury will be reported to the parents immediately.

Videos and photos are sometimes taken during training time. If you do not wish your child included in these videos/photos, please inform the director.

Schedule change
If the schedule change is made please requested in writing.

Please contact AST director WooSop Moore at 314-604-7623 by phone call, text or email at ast@woosoptkd.com


**The After School program is a one year twelve-month program that runs from August through July of each year. The After School program will not end when school ends, but will move into a summer enrichment program of evening classes and weeklong camps. This will allow students to continue to build on the relationships and skills they acquire throughout the school year, but to do it in a way that allows for family vacations and summer scheduling.

1 family member
Two days per week - $125 per month
Three days per week - $185 per month
Four days per week - $205 per month
2 family members
Two days per week $225 per month
Three days per week $295 per month
Four days per week $345 per month

3 family members
Two days per week - $320 per month
Three days per week - $380 per month
Four days per week - $440 per month
This year master WooSop will be making lunch visits to the students, as allowed by their school's policy. He look forward to interacting with the students in their educational environment to help foster academic success.



Step 1
Click on the registration tab below and fill out AST application

Step 2
Print out school notification page and give it to school official.
Step 3
Once you have filled out the application, we will contact your child’s school and learn the bus procedures.

That is it!